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Tuesday, 19 January 2021

How to handle emergency situations - Zambia emergency numbers 2021


How to handle emergency situations - Zambia emergency numbers 2021

Emergency hotlines area unit your instant go-to once the requirement arises. That’s why, it's vital that you just keep a duplicate of every of the vital ones with you.

You should produce a listing that's simply accessible with the subsequent contact names and phone numbers. check that everybody in your unit is attentive to these numbers.

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□ Local department of local government 

□ Local hospital

□ Doctor’s

□ Dentist

□ Pharmacy

□ Health insurance arrange and policy variety

□ Personal emergency contact list.

Here square measure the Zambian emergency hotlines that you simply got to bring with you the least bit times:

Zambia emergency numbers

Emergency – 999

Police – 991

Lusaka, Central Police Station – 0211 220006

Lusaka, Central Fire Station – 0211 220180

Lusaka, Ambulance Service – 0211 220180

National Telephone Operator – 100

National Directory – 102

International Operator – 090

Ambulance – 991

Fire Brigade – 993

Hospital UTH – Lusaka

General Line – 0211 251200

Casualty Direct Line – 0211 254115

Livingstone Central Police – 0213 3 323575/320116

Livingstone Fire Station – 0213 324043

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The video below shows some information on how to handle emergency situations

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