Android 11 Features and highlights

We should discuss notice arranging warnings have consistently been a splendid spot with the Android working framework particularly when you contrast it with iOS.

 In Android 11 Google has improved the notice arranging by ensuring your discussions are at the highest point of your warnings, trailed by your principle notices, and afterward quiet notices. It’s a truly incredible change since it’ll keep the entirety of your present discussions across the board spot and you don’t need to go burrowing through your rundown of notices for them. Presently note some applications actually haven’t been refreshed to help this right now like Instagram’s messages. 

2. Need warnings 

Another significant piece of the notices update is setting need for a discussion. Doing that will move new messages in that string to the highest point of your discussions list in notices, turn on air pockets, more on that in a piece, it’ll additionally utilize the contact’s symbol as the ready symbol in the warning plate which is really slick. 

3. Notice history 

Something final on notices Google made it a lot simpler to see a new history of warnings, so on the off chance that you coincidentally swipe one away you can simply look down to the lower part of the notices rundown and snap history. Presently this isn’t constantly empowered of course so to empower notices history go into your Android telephone settings, click warnings, notices history, and afterward switch on use notice history. 

4. Media Controls 

Media controls were in the past appeared as a warning that would stay while you were playing media from an application like Spotify, Google webcasts, and so on Presently in Android 11, media controls have moved to another space in Android’s fast settings region.

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 In the event that something is at present playing you’ll see the new media control when you swipe down. On the off chance that your media meeting isn’t right now dynamic, you can at present get to the media player see by swiping down again to grow the fast settings zone.

 On the off chance that you click the stuff the symbol you can set the media player to remain there naturally and in the event that you have more than one media application you can swipe through the various parts in card route to get to the one you need. 

Presently one drawback at dispatch is that the manner in which you can switch the media plane on your telephone to something like Bluetooth speaker earphones and so on, you can’t change it to a Google cast speaker or speaker bunch from this view. Nonetheless, Google has affirmed that Android 11’s sound yield switcher will work with cast gadgets once applications are refreshed in the coming months. 

5. Visit bubbles 

Presently in the event that you are to utilize Facebook courier on Android and you utilize the visit heads include, congrats you effectively sort of understand what talk bubbles are. It’s essentially a roundabout symbol overlay that you can haul here and there the sides of your telephone’s screen.

 At the point when you tap the visit bubbles they fan out in this great movement that shows you the entirety of the current discussions that you have foamed. 

To get a discussion in air pocket mode you can do this by hitting the symbol on a message that upholds it. On the off chance that you get a message from an individual while an air pocket is on the screen, you’ll see the message spring up out from the air pocket. Any contact that you mark as a need inside a visit application will naturally turn into an air pocket talk. 

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Air pockets are truly convenient when you’re attempting to complete something on your telephone while likewise proceeding to speak with companions over visit. The solitary drawback right currently isn’t all applications uphold need and air pockets like Facebook courier, and Instagram messages don’t appear in the discussion see yet in notices. 

6. Home control in force menu 

Presently in the event that you as of now have a Pixel gadget you’re as of now to some degree acquainted with the New Power Menu Controls. You long-press the force catch and you’ll see the typical controls for crisis shutting down the telephone or lockdown at that point, recently Google added a space to see the passes and your default Visa for Google pay. 

Presently underneath that, you can see there are controls for your home that you’d ordinarily find in the Google Home application, you can control things like your savvy lights by hauling the bar for each gathering of lights to change their rate or tapping the gathering to turn them on and off. You can likewise change things like indoor regulators keen switches and you’ll even have the option to see a video feed from gadgets like the home hi doorbell, pretty cool stuff. 

7. Screen recording 

Google has at long last actualized a legitimate Screen recording highlight straightforwardly into the OS. Swipe down to see snappy settings and snap the stuff symbol to add screen recording to your brisk settings menu. That is the simply way I’ve had the option to enact it so far when you start a screen recording you’ll see a commencement up at the top until it begins recording. To stop an account swipe down from the top and you’ll see a red warning, tap that notice to stop the chronicle. At that point a notice with your screen the account will be produced, making it simple to erase or share it 

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8. Screen captures 

To Screenshot something on Android now you swipe up from the lower part of the telephone, to get into the performing various tasks view and afterward hit screen capture. A little review of your screen capture will show up at the base left corner and you can erase your screen capture by hitting that little x. You can likewise share your screen capture from this view just as alter it. Altering permits you to do things like yield and imprint it up, and in case you’re acquainted with iOS this experience should be pretty recognizable to you. 

9. Prescient applications 

This element attempts to foresee the applications that you use on the base column of your home screen. Presently my experience for reasons unknown they’re only not on a par with the Predictive applications at the highest point of the application cabinet. So they didn’t make the rundown since I simply haven’t discovered them all that valuable and I wound up supplanting them inside my home screen. This Android 11 highlights of a cell phone will give us basic for use. 

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