Download TubidyMusic apk | Tubidy free music download app for android (2021)

Tubidy Music app
ANS: With Tubidy free music app you can download music from over 3, 000 music sites, as well as YouTube, by repeating and pasting the address.

What are features on Tubidy Music 

> Record unlimited music from any website or any audio or video enjoying in your phone  with only one click.

> Built-in Tubidy music library allow you to browse and preview the newest and hottest music from musical genre sites.

> Automatically save downloaded/recorded music to library for management and simple transfer.

> Identify and tag music with creative person, title, album, genre, and a lot of with the newest ID3 tag technology.

> Backup and recover the  Library once it’s required.

> Ability to burn downloaded songs and playlists.

How to Free Download MP3 Music from music download

Tubidy MP3 & Video Downloading website is what all of you simply ought to visit if you would like to urge any reasonably video song or MP3 song that you simply will transfer simply and free. Here, we tend to square measure progressing to offer you essential data and details concerning Tubidy  MP3 and Video Downloading website. You’ll be ready to skills {you can|you’ll|you’ll be ready to} be able to get free songs and 
Transfer your favorite songs and music on-line simply then it’ll be useful for you to travel to the Tubidy website that gives all the users an internet platform to transfer songs for gratis. You’ll be able to simply access the video and song transfering website and download it on-line for gratis.
There square measure such a big amount of users World Health Organization square measure presently enjoying the music and video providing service of Tubidy. If you wish to try to download the newest and most well-liked wherefores on your device whether it’s a portable computer or a smartphone then it’ll be attainable to do so with Tubidy. Not solely Tudiby provides music and videos through its website however additionally users will transfer their favorite songs from the Tubidy app.
In today‚Äôs world, music and video wherefores square measure obtainable so simply at your fingertips. Most movies in Indian cinemas square measure jam-packed with amusive video songs. however once you need to observe solely the video songs or some amusement video. Then you’ll for certain think about downloading it on-line.
In this article, we tend to square measure progressing to mention one such programme tool and video downloading website. Tubidy is one among the most important on-line platforms wherever folks will understand, upload, download, share, and access many media files. This music or video portal is additionally helpful in classification varied types of classic and classy music videos through its own easy programme tool.

How to Download Tubidy free music   Apk (2021)

Finally guys download this wonderful tubidy music app for fee download.

Tubidy free music download app for android 

Download from apkpure link below 


How to download free music on Tubidy 

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How to upload your music on Tubidy music website for free 2021

If you are a musician and looking for best way to promote your music then Tubidy Music website is the best way to go for.
To upload your Music on Tubidy 2021 follow these easy and simple steps:
1. Go to 
2. Click on the left side and sign up

3. After successful signing up over again to the left bar menu
4. Click my account 
5. Under my account you will see the upload option
6. Upload your music and you are all done 

Tubidy Search Features 

The good part of tubidy is the search feature that shows top search music both global and local. See the images below:
Tubidy global music top searched
Tubidy sigup free music upload | Download TubidyMusic apk | Tubidy free music download app for android (2021)
Tubidy top searched local music

Tubidy sigup free music upload | Download TubidyMusic apk | Tubidy free music download app for android (2021)

Tubidy Musc FAQ 

How will Tubidy work?

Tubidy indexes videos from user generated content. after you execute a research, it lists results from the tempered videos that users uploaded. after you need to look at a video, it streams directly from the host web site to your phone, through our servers. Our servers do the diligence of transcoding (formatting) the stream on-the-fly to figure on your phone and your network. All you wish to try to to is search, watch and luxuriate in our service.

2. Could I keep the downloads on my phone?

Absolutely NO, this can be a “watch or listen only” service, please browse for details.

3. Why audio quality is low on Tubidy ?

We believe audio quality is enough for a “watch or listen only” service.

4. is tubidy a free service?

Yes. Tubidy doesn’t charge users for observation videos. However, normal information charges (for web access) could apply through your carrier.

5. However  do I read videos in full-screen on Tubidy ?

On the video playback page, click on the video link you wish. In your phone’s media player menu, make sure that the ‘Full screen’ choice is chosen.

6. I cannot watch videos from on my device?

Please check that that your phone supports video playback. Please additionally make sure that your carrier doesn’t block video playback.

7. I buy “Error encountered throughout XML parse” error message on my Blackberry.

Ensure that your browser emulation mode is ready to ‘Firefox’ below browser choices. you will additionally strive putting in Opera mini for a much better viewing expertise.

8. What if the media player hangs whereas taking part in an oversized video or my device crashes on Tubidy ?

Your device memory is also full. In your browser menu, move to ‘Options’ and choose ‘Cache Operations’ to clear the cache. If this still does not facilitate, you may have to be compelled to reset your device.

9. I cannot watch giant videos Tubidy ?

Your carrier/connection could limit the playback size. we’ve got provided Associate in Nursing choice to watch the video in chunks of one minute every. On the video playback page, click on components one,2,3,…

10. I am on a Blackberry and my videos play for less than ten seconds?

You may be victimisation the native browser on your device. Use the media-net browser instead.

11. I will hear audio however I don’t see a picture once I play the video on my Blackberry?

Ensure that your browser emulation mode is ready to ‘Blackberry’. [Browser Menu -> choices -> Emulation mode -> Blackberry ]

12. I cannot watch videos on my Blackberry 8700.

The 8700 series don’t have media players inbuilt and thus you can not watch videos. you will strive downloading a third party media player to play videos.

13. What ar the codec/encoding details of every video/audio format on Tubidy?

3GP Video Regular Quality => 3GPP(H.263/AMRNB)
3GP Video prime quality => 3GPP(MP4/AAC)
3GP Video components => 3GPP(H.263/AMRNB)
3GP Video Preview => 3GPP(H.263/AMRNB)
MP4 Video => MP4(H.264/HEv2-AAC)
MP4 Audio => MP4(HEv2-AAC)

14. MP4 videos don’t seem to be working! On Tubidy 

MP4 videos ar encoded victimisation H.264 Baseline Profile Level three video and HE-AAC v2 audio. take care that your phone model supports these codecs. or else you’ll be able to click 3GP Hi video that is accessible for each content and supported by additional phones on the market.

15. Not all videos have MP4 Video and MP4 Audio versions. Why? On Tubidy 

Only prime watched videos ar having these versions as a result of coding MP4 Video/Audio (especially with H264/HEv2-AAC codecs) take very while.

Wrapping up 

Tubidy ( is a mobile friendly website even though you may use the Tubidy music app the experience is the same, so grab the Tubidy music app and enjoy.
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