How to use zoom cloud meeting on Android phone


Zoom is proving to be especially helpful for high school, companies, College and families during the Covid19. Zoom allows participants to join the session from any device no VPN needed, share content such as videos, pictures and pdf and good part is that it is easy to use.

Below is how you can use Zoom cloud meeting on Android phone :-

How to join Meeting hosted by another host on Android 

□ Join a meeting by clicking on a Zoom link provided by the meeting host.

□ Follow the prompts to download and run Zoom.

 □ Enter the meeting ID if prompted.

 □ Click to join the audio conference. When you’re in the meeting, you may click on the Start Video button to start your video.

How to join a zoom meeting on Android

How to Mute/Unmute & Audio Settings on zoom android app

You can mute and unmute your microphone. The host also has the ability to mute you. If you click on the arrow next to the mute button, you will have additional options for audio settings. You can change your microphone, leave the computer audio or access the audio options.

How to host a zoom meeting on Android 

1. Download the Zoom cloud meeting app here 

2. Sign up using your email 

3. On the application, tap “New Meeting” 

4. Pick whether you need to begin it with the video  and whether you need to utilize your own meeting ID. At that point tap “Start a Meeting.” 

5. To welcome individuals to the meeting, tap ““Participants” on the bottom row  of symbols

6. Afterward tap the “Welcome” button on the lower part of the following screen. At the point when you do, you’ll have the option to communicate something specific welcome through an assortment of administrations, for example, Messenger, Messages, or Gmail; welcome your Zoom contacts, or duplicate the welcome connect to your phone’s clipboard.

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