how to write an application letter for a job as a general worker in zambia


What is an Application Letter ? 

A request for employment letter is a proper archive that is shipped off a forthcoming manager to communicate your advantage in a position. An application letter  is normally sent alone and not appended close by another record 

Most occasions, an application letter isn’t sent after you probably observed a promoted position however sent whether an opportunity was publicized. The application letter fills a need that is like that of the CV

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Compose an Outline

Just like you compose a blueprint when you need to compose an article, it is additionally significant that you compose a layout when you need to compose your application letter. The blueprint is the structure of what you need to write in your genuine application letter. It is acceptable that you clarify what you need to accomplish, and all the things that you neoed your forthcoming manager to know. 

A diagram of your application letter will make it simple for you to compose your application letter since you have the structure arranged out as of now. 

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Compose a Draft

After you probably done a structure for your application letter, at that point it is beneficial for you to do a work in progress of the application letter prior to composing the first one. 

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At the point when you are drafting your application letter, you can utilize the layout that you did before to fill in as a guide for your application letter. Now, you may not stress over syntactic missteps and accentuation blunders. This is to assist you with building up a model application letter. 


Salutation is one part of the application letter that is self-evident. Most occasions that is the thing that the business will probably consider first to be soon as they open the letter. Since this is a significant part of the application letter, you should be cautious. 

It is significant for you to know a few hints on greeting before you begin composing your application letter: 

You should put a comma toward the finish of your greeting 

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On the off chance that you are tending to more than one beneficiary, you should address the beneficiary as ‘Dear Sirs/Madams’. 

In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea oabout the name of the beneficiary, you should address the individual as ‘Dear Sir/Madam’. 

In the event that the beneficiary’s sexual orientation isn’t known, you should address the individual with the complete name. Like; ‘Dear Chanda Mulenga’. 


Employers can detect your tone from the way that you compose. At the point when you are composing your application letter, you should approach the beneficiary with deference. Be considerate and utilize formal language when you are composing. Be mindful so as not to utilize slang or vague words. 

Be Brief

 As much as you need to give your planned bosses reasons why you think you are the most ideally equipped individual for the work, it is similarly significant for you to as brief as could be expected under the circumstances. 

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Businesses are occupied and will most likely be unable to invest energy perusing your application letter. Notice the motivation behind your letter in the main section since this is the place where the business will probably take a gander from the start. 

 Tailor the letter to the work and the organization 

Tailoring your application to the occupation that you are applying for and the organization will give your forthcoming manager the mentality that you are enthusiastic about the work and the organization. 

Bosses in Zambia anticipate recruiting individuals that are enthusiastic about the work. Fitting your application letter might be all you require to get the employment you had always wanted. 

Utilize composed and not transcribed reports

Unless a manually written letter is mentioned, you ought to send a composed and PC produced archive. Composing your archive will help you present a very much adjusted, clear, and simple to peruse the record. 

Utilize Quality Paper

If you are sending a printed version application letter, ensure you utilize a decent and quality paper. Try not to remove a piece of paper from your notebook and utilize that paper to compose your application letter. On the off chance that you do that, your application letter will look crude and harsh. 


Editing your application letter will help you see mistakes that you would have to fix before you send your application letter. You can recite your application letter for all to hear to yourself to see a few blunders. 

Check the spellings on your application letter and accentuation blunders. You can utilize to check your spellings and alter your blunders. 

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Finishing your application letter

When you are sending your application letter, you should ensure that your tone coordinates the tone of the letter. A conventional letter shutting is pleasant, obliging, and aware. 

These are basic shutting that you can use to end your application letter: 

‘Earnestly’ or your ‘reliably’ 

‘Your Truly’ 

‘Loyally Yours’

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