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how to install Windows 11 on Android |  windows 11 app

how to install Windows 11 on Android | windows 11 app

I really wanted to show this guys to you,after the launch of Windows 11 almost everyone heard wants to check it out. But in this post i just wanted to share The launcher app that will make your Android looks like  Windows 11. I hope you will like  it.

How  to install Windows 11 on Android, Windows 11 app

>>Best Free Apps included with windows 11

 follow the tutorial in this Video below  install Windows 11 on Android



Tiktok lite app  that saves your data

Tiktok lite app that saves your data

 Hi Friends 

With Tiktok you can  share funny videos with all your friends and followers. TikTok lite has come a lighter and optimized  version of the already popular TikTok.


 TikTok lite is a social network that, different from many others, is still really enjoyable. 


Tiktok lite app  that saves your data


Find lots of interesting videos at any time and, best of all, share your best videos with the whole community of users on TikTok. Plus this Lite version takes up much less space and consumes far fewer resources. 

 Tiktok lite app  that saves your data and you can:

 . Watch endless amount of videos customized specifically for you
A personalized video feed based on what you watch, like, and share. TikTok offers you real, interesting, and fun videos that will make your day.

. Explore 

Watch all types of videos, from Comedy, Gaming, DIY, Food, Sports, Memes, and Pets, to Oddly Satisfying, ASMR, and everything in between.

■ Pause recording multiple times in one video
Pause and resume your video with just a tap. Shoot as many times as you need.


Easily edit your videos with millions of free music clips and sounds. We curate music and sound playlists for you with the hottest tracks in every genre, including Hip Hop, Edm, Pop, Rock, Rap, and Country, and the most viral original sounds.


Unlock tons of filters, effects, and AR objects to take your videos to the next level.


Our integrated editing tools allow you to easily trim, cut, merge and duplicate video clips without leaving the app.

  Download Tiktok lite App 




What does a network associate do ?

What does a network associate do ?


What does a network associate do ?

What is network and aroma analysis?

Web analytics is the process of capturing network traffic and closely monitoring it to find out what is happening on the network. A network analyst determines or decomposes data packets into a general protocol and displays network traffic in human readable form. Network Associate is also known by several other names: traffic analysis, protocol analysis, odors, packet analysis, and listening, to name a few. Fragrance seems to be one of the most popular words in use today. However, as you will see later in this chapter, due to malicious users it already had a negative connotation.

A web analyzer can be a single tool with a specific program, or it can simply be a program that you install on your computer or laptop. The web analysis is available for free and commercial. The differences between network analysts tend to depend on characteristics such as the number of supported protocol rules, user interaction, and graphical and statistical capabilities. Other variations include input capabilities such as packet determination quality and expert analysis functions. While multiple network analysts share the same protocols, some may be better than others.

What is a web engineer?

Web engineers (also known as web designers) design, build, and manage networks to make sure they are optimized and work as intended.

As a network engineer, you are responsible for setting up your organization's IT system (and, by default, the entire organization).

While network engineers or IT administrators help with day-to-day IT tasks and troubleshooting, network engineers face a high-level challenge in planning and improving networks.

Depending on your business, you will create and implement physical and wireless networks, troubleshoot problems, and seek and integrate new technologies. Here are some common questions about a career on the net:

Is networking a good career? Network engineering is a fast growing job. The Office for Labor Statistics estimates that the employment of network technicians is expected to increase by 6 percent between 2016 and 2026, which is above the average for all occupations.

How Much Do Network Engineers Make?

The national average wage for network engineers is more than $ 72,000.Young network engineers earned nearly $ 64,000. The median salary for a network analyst is $ 59,000

Knowledge level: Most network engineers have 5-10 years of experience.

How to become a network engineer

If you want to get into the field of network engineering, here's how to get started.

Get your bachelor's degree

Companies often require a bachelor's degree in computer science, information systems, or computer engineering. Depending on the job, some organizations also require you to obtain a master of business administration (MBA) or computer science before applying.

Get relevant IT insights

A bachelor's or master's degree will put you in the door. But that is not enough. Learning local IT skills is crucial to becoming a network engineer.

First, you need to build a network base. An initial IT help center or support role is a great way to develop basic real-world IT skills.

If you're just starting out, here are networking skills you should focus on developing:

Basics of network engineer

Clients and servers - How e-mail, web pages, and pages are connected over networks


NASL, a standard and developed from Network Associates, Inc. is a language barrier (CASL). (NAI), designed to strengthen the backend to assess the shortcomings of the freeware project Nessus ( , founded in 1998 by Renaud Déraison, was and still is often the first freeware solution for error testing and management. While Nessus uses the Networked Messaging Application Protocol (NMAP) to request more of its citizens' identity and channel capabilities, it requires the global community to successfully develop a number of sensitive systems, including Windows hotfixes, UNIX services, Web services, network notification and wireless access maps.

As in any other written language, NASL language is interpreted, meaning that all attributes are included in the analysis. NASL2 is also a language-oriented object, where users have the ability to create classes and everything else that comes with a target-oriented object (OOP). The upgrade from NASLvl to NASL2 has resulted in a lot of volume, especially latency and faster performance speeds. NASL has a highly intuitive and easy-to-use network communication and socket API, as well as an excellent in-class user experience that allows documents to share, store, and reuse data from other documents during execution. In addition to the large number of freely available documents for use within the Nessus, the knowledge base is the foremost feature of the product. Any of the writing banks, open ports and passwords can be stored in the database.

In most cases, the NASL transmission code is simple, although the text takes longer to download Unfortunately, there is no public technical interpreter available or a language transfer tool that can download codes in one language and can pass NASL. The hardest task is to transfer the NASL number to another language of your choice. Because of the simplicity of the language (such as bases and creation of garbage), it is difficult to write texts in another language, because most other languages ​​have increased their functionality, they have also increased complexity.

Writing NASL notes to accomplish simple and complex tasks can take anywhere from minutes, hours, to days, depending on the amount of research already done. In most cases, poisoning the NASL text is the simplest part of the life cycle. The hardest part of writing is determining the sequence of attacks and the desired responses such as vulnerabilities, NASL is an excellent language for creating secure texts and is the most advanced, freely available, focused language.

Download  FF Meeting Latest version  Apk 2021 | More Features  Than WhatsApp similar to Telegram

Download FF Meeting Latest version Apk 2021 | More Features Than WhatsApp similar to Telegram

Download  FF Meeting Apk 2021: Nabeel Haider a 15-year-old grade nine student hailing from urban center, has developed a rapid electronic messaging app called FF Meeting, with options starting from voice line of work to cluster creation, channel creation, and options for the vision impaired. the scholar claims that the app is even a lot of advanced than WhatsApp, and it took him three years to induce it done. The app conjointly offers a “secret chat” possibility, sanctioning the users to line the chats to auto-delete and coding just like WhatsApp.

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Ff meeting Apk download

FF meeting Apk latest version  Features:

> FF meeting allows you to have encrypted chats and calls with your loved ones. Moreover, you can send the same message to 500,000

> Users can also send videos and files of 5 Gb without the quality being compromised.

> The app also has a feature known as secret chat which allows users to have a chat with anyone which disappears automatically after 5 to 10 minutes.


FF meeting Apk Download: Download the FF meeting app developed by Nabeel Haider from Pakistan 

Download FF meeting latest version  Apk 2021 on the link given below


FF Meeting Apk 2021 Review 

How to register on FF Meeting App in Pakistan                       

how to monetize instagram 2021 | Start making money with your Account

how to monetize instagram 2021 | Start making money with your Account

To learn how to monetize your instagram and Start making money with your Account.

The video will guide you through on how to monetize instagram 2021 

According  on your distinctive whole of Instagram content, your audience, and your level of commitment, you'll create cash on Instagram within the following ways:

> Work with brands on sponsored posts
> Become AN affiliate
> Open your own online store
> Sell your photos on-line or on things
Customers reach out to them, and they turn their instagram posts into photo books.
You can use instagram shopping to highlight products in your instagram posts and use specific links to take potential customers to your checkout page instagram posts with location tags get 79 percent more engagement.
You can do that by using a website like loomly and later which allow you to schedule your instagram posts ahead of time.
Accessible languages: if you’re in a country where the first language isn’t english, then what a lot of instagram posts do is have one picture with the text underneath (title of the piece) written in that country’s language and then the next picture would have the post written in english.
In order to sponsor your instagram posts, you’ll need to publish your facebook page first, instagram followers pay close attention to instagram posts, so using captions to tell about affiliate marketing links is a great way to grab the attention however, all links in instagram posts are non-clickable, so adding a url isn’t the best idea as readers have to copy the link manually from your text.
This tool takes instagram posts from your feed, and turns them into a fully-shoppable website in 3 simple steps.
Tag items in your instagram posts you want to sell, set up with instagram shopping,you can start adding shopping tags to highlight products in your instagram posts (including photo, video, and carousel posts).

instagram video downloader private 2021

instagram video downloader private 2021

Private Downloader videos helps you to transfer the private photos, videos and stories. This feature is rare to search out in alternative solutions obtainable online. Instagram content from the personal account area unit visible solely to the followers of that Instagram account. To transfer Instagram content from a private account, you would like the page supply of Instagram video.

Read also:

How to Download Private Instagram Videos Online

> Open web browser  desktop web browser and  login to your Instagram account. (Or instagram video downloader chrome)

> Open the Instagram video in new tab of the web browser.
Right click anywhere and click on 'View Page Source'. New tab will open with HTML code in it, select all the code and copy it.

> Now, paste that code in above input box, and click/tap on 'Download Instagram Video' button.

 Instagram private downloader will extract video, and then click on 'Download' button, and Instagram video will be saved to your device.


How to recover deleted instagram messages | instagram message recovery 2021

How to recover deleted instagram messages | instagram message recovery 2021

Follow the steps below to recover deleted instagram messages:

Step 1: attend Instagram web site page on your computer’s browser, login to the net version along with your Instagram account and word.

Step 2: currently attend your profile by clicking the account settings icon at the top-right corner.

Step 3: Click the gear icon and from the pop-up menu, select “Privacy and Security”.

Step 4: Scroll right down to realize “Data Download” and click on on “Request Download”.

Step 5: you'll be asked to verify your identity, simply faucet on “Log In Again” and enter your Instagram account data.

verify identity instagram

Step 6: at that time, enter your email address to receive the link to a file along with your photos, comments, profile data and a lot of information on Instagram, then click “Next”.

Step 7: currently enter your Instagram word once more and click on “Request Download”. Then you'll receive AN email from Instagram with the topic “Your Instagram Data”.

Step 8: Open the e-mail and click on “Download Data”, a zipper file with all the info like direct messages, photos and videos you shared on Instagram are going to be downloaded to your laptop.

Step 9: Extract the downloaded nada file and find the “messages.json” file, open it with a text editor and you'll realize all the messages you send or received on Instagram.

recover instagram messages

Step 10: currently realize your required Instagram messages with keywords and recover any message you wish.


Download TubidyMusic apk | Tubidy free music download app for android (2021)

Download TubidyMusic apk | Tubidy free music download app for android (2021)

Tubidy Music app
ANS: With Tubidy free music app you can download music from over 3, 000 music sites, as well as YouTube, by repeating and pasting the address.

What are features on Tubidy Music 

> Record unlimited music from any website or any audio or video enjoying in your phone  with only one click.

> Built-in Tubidy music library allow you to browse and preview the newest and hottest music from musical genre sites.

> Automatically save downloaded/recorded music to library for management and simple transfer.

> Identify and tag music with creative person, title, album, genre, and a lot of with the newest ID3 tag technology.

> Backup and recover the  Library once it's required.

> Ability to burn downloaded songs and playlists.

How to Free Download MP3 Music from music download

Tubidy MP3 & Video Downloading website is what all of you simply ought to visit if you would like to urge any reasonably video song or MP3 song that you simply will transfer simply and free. Here, we tend to square measure progressing to offer you essential data and details concerning Tubidy  MP3 and Video Downloading website. You'll be ready to skills {you can|you'll|you'll be ready to} be able to get free songs and 

Transfer your favorite songs and music on-line simply then it'll be useful for you to travel to the Tubidy website that gives all the users an internet platform to transfer songs for gratis. You'll be able to simply access the video and song transfering website and download it on-line for gratis.

There square measure such a big amount of users World Health Organization square measure presently enjoying the music and video providing service of Tubidy. If you wish to try to download the newest and most well-liked wherefores on your device whether it's a portable computer or a smartphone then it'll be attainable to do so with Tubidy. Not solely Tudiby provides music and videos through its website however additionally users will transfer their favorite songs from the Tubidy app.

In today’s world, music and video wherefores square measure obtainable so simply at your fingertips. Most movies in Indian cinemas square measure jam-packed with amusive video songs. however once you need to observe solely the video songs or some amusement video. Then you'll for certain think about downloading it on-line.

In this article, we tend to square measure progressing to mention one such programme tool and video downloading website. Tubidy is one among the most important on-line platforms wherever folks will understand, upload, download, share, and access many media files. This music or video portal is additionally helpful in classification varied types of classic and classy music videos through its own easy programme tool.

How to Download Tubidy free music   Apk (2021)

Finally guys download this wonderful tubidy music app for fee download.

Tubidy free music download app for android 

Download from apkpure link below 


How to download free music on Tubidy 

Why Using Tubidy music app or which one of these do prefer

> Tubidy music mp3 app
> Tubidy music downloader app. mobi
> Tbidy music download free mp3 app
> Tubidy mobi music app
> Tubidy mp4 music download app
> music download app download mp3
> music download app download mp3 songs
> Tubidy mp3 music app download mp3 audio

How to upload your music on Tubidy music website for free 2021

If you are a musician and looking for best way to promote your music then Tubidy Music website is the best way to go for.

To upload your Music on Tubidy 2021 follow these easy and simple steps:

1. Go to 

2. Click on the left side and sign up

Tubidy sigup free music upload | Download TubidyMusic apk | Tubidy free music download app for android (2021)

3. After successful signing up over again to the left bar menu

4. Click my account 

5. Under my account you will see the upload option

6. Upload your music and you are all done 

Tubidy Search Features 

The good part of tubidy is the search feature that shows top search music both global and local. See the images below:

Tubidy global music top searched

Tubidy sigup free music upload | Download TubidyMusic apk | Tubidy free music download app for android (2021)

Tubidy top searched local music

Tubidy sigup free music upload | Download TubidyMusic apk | Tubidy free music download app for android (2021)

Tubidy Musc FAQ 

How will Tubidy work?

Tubidy indexes videos from user generated content. after you execute a research, it lists results from the tempered videos that users uploaded. after you need to look at a video, it streams directly from the host web site to your phone, through our servers. Our servers do the diligence of transcoding (formatting) the stream on-the-fly to figure on your phone and your network. All you wish to try to to is search, watch and luxuriate in our service.

2. Could I keep the downloads on my phone?

Absolutely NO, this can be a "watch or listen only" service, please browse for details.

3. Why audio quality is low on Tubidy ?

We believe audio quality is enough for a "watch or listen only" service.

4. is tubidy a free service?

Yes. Tubidy doesn't charge users for observation videos. However, normal information charges (for web access) could apply through your carrier.

5. However  do I read videos in full-screen on Tubidy ?

On the video playback page, click on the video link you wish. In your phone's media player menu, make sure that the 'Full screen' choice is chosen.

6. I cannot watch videos from on my device?

Please check that that your phone supports video playback. Please additionally make sure that your carrier doesn't block video playback.

7. I buy "Error encountered throughout XML parse" error message on my Blackberry.

Ensure that your browser emulation mode is ready to 'Firefox' below browser choices. you will additionally strive putting in Opera mini for a much better viewing expertise.

8. What if the media player hangs whereas taking part in an oversized video or my device crashes on Tubidy ?

Your device memory is also full. In your browser menu, move to 'Options' and choose 'Cache Operations' to clear the cache. If this still does not facilitate, you may have to be compelled to reset your device.

9. I cannot watch giant videos Tubidy ?

Your carrier/connection could limit the playback size. we've got provided Associate in Nursing choice to watch the video in chunks of one minute every. On the video playback page, click on components one,2,3,...

10. I am on a Blackberry and my videos play for less than ten seconds?

You may be victimisation the native browser on your device. Use the media-net browser instead.

11. I will hear audio however I don't see a picture once I play the video on my Blackberry?

Ensure that your browser emulation mode is ready to 'Blackberry'. [Browser Menu -> choices -> Emulation mode -> Blackberry ]

12. I cannot watch videos on my Blackberry 8700.

The 8700 series don't have media players inbuilt and thus you can not watch videos. you will strive downloading a third party media player to play videos.

13. What ar the codec/encoding details of every video/audio format on Tubidy?

3GP Video Regular Quality => 3GPP(H.263/AMRNB)
3GP Video prime quality => 3GPP(MP4/AAC)
3GP Video components => 3GPP(H.263/AMRNB)
3GP Video Preview => 3GPP(H.263/AMRNB)
MP4 Video => MP4(H.264/HEv2-AAC)
MP4 Audio => MP4(HEv2-AAC)

14. MP4 videos don't seem to be working! On Tubidy 

MP4 videos ar encoded victimisation H.264 Baseline Profile Level three video and HE-AAC v2 audio. take care that your phone model supports these codecs. or else you'll be able to click 3GP Hi video that is accessible for each content and supported by additional phones on the market.

15. Not all videos have MP4 Video and MP4 Audio versions. Why? On Tubidy 

Only prime watched videos ar having these versions as a result of coding MP4 Video/Audio (especially with H264/HEv2-AAC codecs) take very while.

Wrapping up 

Tubidy ( is a mobile friendly website even though you may use the Tubidy music app the experience is the same, so grab the Tubidy music app and enjoy.

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